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Fusion Mind Monday – November 16th

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Hannah Mitchell

Published on 16th November, 2020

Happy Mind Monday to all! How are we all feeling this week?

This is our fourth Mind Monday blog, so we hope you are enjoying the content and getting some useful stuff from it.

We’ve got busy couple of weeks ahead of us with two workshops and Fusion meetup, so we are trying to make sure we are giving ourselves some down time amongst the madness.

Let us know if you’ve been reading the blogs, and please share any tips you have with us on Twitter @thefusion_hub using the hashtag #MindMonday


When everything feels a little more magnified than it usually does, it’s sometimes hard to mange negative feelings, and we become more reactive to things.

The 3 minute breathing space is easy to follow and an excellent tool to use when we need to take a break from a situation. It’s quick and effective, and will help disperse negative thought patterns and return you to a calm mindful state.

Here is a useful page to walk you through the 3 minute breathing space. Give it a try!


Exercise is not for everyone, and sometimes it can feel like a struggle to fit exercise into your daily routine, however, we all know the positive impact that physical exercise can have on our mental health.

The Pacer app setup a group walking challenge to ‘walk Everest’ within a 14 day period. The challenge is an exciting way to walk the world’s greatest treks and be a part of team all working together to hit the end goal. We thought this was great idea, and something anyone can do! You can run, walk or hike 70km within the 14 day period, and this got us thinking, should we set up a Fusion walking challenge? Who’s in?


Who is guilty of not taking lunch breaks whilst they’re working from home?

It’s easy to see why people think they are being more productive ploughing through their sandwich and coffee whilst still sat at their desk, less time away from your computer right? Wrong! Taking just 20 minutes to step away from your desk at home can give your mind a little rest and refresh it needs to have a super productive afternoon.

So on your next working day, allocate just 20 minutes to shut your laptop, mute slack notifications, and grab a coffee and a sandwich without being surround by the noise of work. Listen to some relaxing music, read a book, chat to a friend, or go for a walk – you’ll feel better for it!


Inspired by real life events, ‘Brothers’ a short film, backed by CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) Charity, is about friendship and the fragility of mental health. The film, written and directed by Huse Monfaradi tells the story of Michael and his older who is struggling with mental health issues.

It highlights the importance of communication and reaching out to a friend or family member when we are struggling or find ourselves dealing with low mood or negative thoughts. People with more support during times like these are 30% less likely to have a lifetime suicide event (CALM website).

You can watch the film here.


Matt Haig’s ‘The Midnight Library’ is a wonderful read. At a time when it’s easy to be all consumed in what’s happening around us, this book offers a wonderful escape and opens our eyes to the fact that we are surrounded by so much opportunity. The book follows Nora Steed who’s life has been full of misery and regret. She finds herself between life and death, and here begins a story of hope, opportunity, forgiveness, and gratitude.


Bryony Gordan’s ‘Mad World’. We love this podcast, Bryony has frank open conversations with a whole host of people, from well known celebrities, sports personalities, healthcare professionals and Prince Harry! We’ve gone right the way back to her chat with former NHS Mental Health Director, Mandy Stevens in 2017. Mandy talks about her own experience of mental health and how she was in fact suffering from depression. She talks about how she used the Beck Depression Inventory which is a list of 21 questions that allow you to self-assess depression and what level you are at. We thought we’d drop it in this weeks Mind Monday for reference. Remember, being aware of your mental health and when it’s needs attention is the first step forward.

That’s it from us for this Monday! Have a great week all!

P.S If you know someone who would find any part of this blog helpful, please do share it with them. You never know how much a quick text or call could brighten up someone’s day; never be shy to check in with your friends and colleagues.