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Fusion Mind Monday – November 2nd

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Hannah Mitchell

Published on 2nd November, 2020

This week’s Mind Monday comes at a time when many of us are probably feeling pretty unenthusiastic about the month of restrictions to come. We hope you are all keeping well and staying safe, and this week we have some more suggestions and recommendations to help you in that aim.

What are your intentions for the week to come? As always, for us it’s all about to getting people back into work. We’ll be targeting our efforts on a selection of key professional profiles over the coming weeks, and for these we will be capping our fee at £3k and donating 10% off that to Birmingham Mind. Keep an eye on our social channels for updates…

And now, here goes for Mind Monday 26th October, enjoy!

MIND is a great resource if you’re new to meditation. You’ll find clear and simple advice on meditation and mindfulness here as well as interesting articles about the benefits this practice can have on your mind and body. Now is as good a time as any to carve out a little time for yourself each day, give it a go.


Nothing says lockdown like banana bread, and we feel like a little treat is really what the doctor ordered at this point. If you’re bored of the basics, this twist on the classic from Izzy Hossack looks delicious.


We know that working and living in the same space can make it hard to relax, it can also make it hard to motivate yourself if it’s not your normal. But creating a routine can really help. Start your day with a short walk, some time to meditate or just a quiet coffee on the sofa before setting up to work, and where possible try not to work in the same room you sleep in. Creating simple structure and boundaries may not seem like a big thing, but it will help to define the different times and spaces in your day which can be really helpful when you’re cooped up under lockdown conditions.


Escapism through film and TV seems like a great idea at the moment, so we will be revisiting films like Big Fish, Moonrise Kingdom, and Life of Pi. What are your favourites?


Haemin Sunim’s ‘Things you can only see when you slow down’ has been one of our Founder, Hannah’s most highly recommended books. It’s the sort of book you can dip in and out of, and offers a moment of calm and clarity when needed the most. The book is broken down in to eight sections covering things such as rest, relationships, mindfulness and future. Each section has a number of quotes that offer food for thought, and can bring clarity for even the busiest of minds. It is a beautiful, relaxing read and one you will keep going back to.


We have been huge fans of Dr Rangan Chatterjee’s ‘Feel Better live more’ podcast. The podcast covers all areas of health, whether that be nutrition, exercise, or mental wellbeing. Rangan has had some fantastic conversations with some amazing people on the podcast who speak from experience, or as leaders within their field of expertise. There are well over 100 episodes to listen to, but here are a few of our favourites!

Episode 30 – Danny Penman – Mindfulness instead of medication

Episode 62 – Haemin Sunim – How to accept yourself in a world striving for perfection

Episode 116 – Dr Tara Swart – How to plan the post lockdown future of your dreams and coping with emotions

That’s it from us for this Monday, have a good week folks!

P.S If you know someone who would find any part of this blog helpful, please do share it with them. You never know how much a quick text or call could brighten up someone’s day; never be shy to check in with your friends and colleagues.