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Fusion Mind Monday – November 9th

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Hannah Mitchell

Published on 9th November, 2020

How is everyone doing? Hope you are all well and keeping safe.

You may have seen that this month’s Fusion meetup will go ahead on 26th November. We have some great speakers joining us, one of which is mentioned in our Mind Monday this week.

We’ve been focusing on a little bit of self-care over the weekend, which was much needed! Doing all of your favourite things can lift your mood during times like these. Hot chocolates and board games were the theme of the weekend, and no doubt that will continue well into this week!

So, on to Mind Monday 9th November!

Let us know if you’ve been reading the blogs, and please share any tips you have with us on Twitter @thefusion_hub using the hashtag #MindMonday


At the last Fusion Meetup there were some great tips shared in the live chat to support better mental health. We spoke about great accounts to follow on social media, and one of our favourites is The Kaleidoscope Group (@Kaleidoscope_PG). They share some useful tips on little things we can do to help ourselves when we are struggling. They recently posted some great tips on how the deal with low mood and bad feelings. Check out the post here, and please share with others!


Anyone else feel more sluggish working from home? We are trying to do our daily walks to get some fresh air and a little bit of exercise, but the great British weather doesn’t always make that possible. We found this great 5 minute body wake up workout, which is made up of easy body stretches that will give you a nice little boost to start your day. We’ll be giving this a try this week!


Keeping in touch with colleagues in a social capacity can really have it’s benefits. We know it’s hard to pop out for coffee or head to the pub after work at the moment, however, its super important to keep conversation going with colleagues whilst we’re in lockdown. Some teams have arranged a weekly/fortnightly Zoom social on a Friday afternoon where everyone talks about their week over a cuppa or a cold beer. It’s a nice way to end the week, and you never know, someone may have had a tough week and this could be the little pick me up they need!


‘Secrets of the Saqqara Tomb’ (Netflix) – not particularly relevant for mental health, but this documentary offers a nice little escape from the world around us right now. You will follow Egyptian archaeologists on their journey of unearthing a tomb that has been untouched for over 4000 years. The story is fascinating, and you will be gripped as the story of the tomb unfolds. Enjoy!


‘The Mindset Triangle’ (by Henriette Lang and Stuart Baker) is a great book that offers a simple framework to follow to help support better mental health. This book is full of healthy easy recipes, easy workouts and tips for sleeping better. It also helps to set goals and includes positive quotes and interviews from people who have experience in mental illness.

Stuart Baker is a true inspiration, and regularly sets up fundraising initiatives to support mental health charities, with one of them being ‘Pedal the Premiership’ which you can read about here. He will be joining us for this months Fusion Meetup!

Henriette Lang works for This can happen events – an online conference empowering companies with their mental health strategy. She also has her own podcast and is a soon to be Samaritan listener.

You can get a signed copy of The Mindset Triangle by dropping them a message on the Mindset Triangles Facebook page


There are some great relaxing playlists available on Spotify. We’ve been listening to the ‘Reading Soundtracks’ which are great to bring a little bit of calm and focus when working from home. As much as we all love a kick-ass sound track to get us going for work, we sometimes need a little bit of calm to help us zone out and improve our flow with things.

That’s it from us for this Monday, have a good week folks!

P.S If you know someone who would find any part of this blog helpful, please do share it with them. You never know how much a quick text or call could brighten up someone’s day; never be shy to check in with your friends and colleagues.