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The Fusion Hub launches Mind Mondays

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Hannah Mitchell

Published on 26th October, 2020

Welcome to the first of our Fusion Mind Mondays. We are passionate believers in the importance of good mental health and supporting everyone in our network to achieve this. We’ll be starting each week now as we mean to go on, setting positive intentions and sharing some of our favourite helpful tips, reads, learns, and listens with you.

Our intention for this week, and every week going forward for the foreseeable future is to get people back into work. We’ll be targeting our efforts on a selection of key professional profiles over the coming weeks, and for these we will be capping our fee at £3k, and donating 10% off that to Birmingham Mind. Keep an eye on our social channels for updates…

And now, here goes for Mind Monday 26th October, enjoy!


The Gentle Rebel is a Midlands based Shamanic Yogi, an expert in meditative practice. Try out one of his simple yet very effective guides to meditation here. We love how he highlights the power of defining yourself as any emotion or quality with the words “I am” check it out! Oh, and if you’re interested in this type of thing, there’s the option to join one of his courses for a more personal level of support and exploration.


It’s getting colder, and with the drop in temperature and sunlight comes an even greater need to nourish your body and mind. We’re going to be doing that with warm, hearty and nutritious home-made soups like this one from Jasmine Hemsley’s website – it’s packed with protein and healthy fats as well as vitamin filled carrots (that make you able to see in the dark too, obviously) and a kick of heat from madras spice, yum!


If you’re working from home and dreading further Covid-19 restrictions diminishing your options to get out of the house, check out the top tips Birmingham Mind CEO Helen kindly shared with us at our last Fusion Event here.


Heal (2017) on Netflix – a really interesting documentary that investigates how your perception and your outlook on life can impact your health. Check out the trailer here.


How to fail, by Elizabeth Day – a freeing and inspirational read that shines a light on learning from life’s knocks and encouraging self-compassion. She also has a podcast which you can listen to here.


Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place podcast, last Monday she caught up with Phillip Schofield, and you can catch the latest new episode every Monday. There’s also a Happy Place Album in the works so keep an eye out for that too!

That’s it from us for this Monday, have an amazing week everyone!

P.S If you know someone who would find any part of this blog helpful, please do share it with them. You never know how much a quick text or call could brighten up someone’s day; never be shy to check in with your friends and colleagues.