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Virtual Learning – Dylan Beattie

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Published on 20th September, 2020

You’ve probably heard this name mentioned a few times over the last couple of weeks, but we are super excited to be working closely with Dylan Beattie on two new workshop dates.

Back by popular demand we have ‘Introduction to Distributed Systems in .NET Core’, which is a hands on workshop giving you an overview of REST, GraphQL, gRPC, RabbitMQ, SignalR – what they do, why you would use them, and how they all work with .NET Core. This is a one-day virtual workshop that will be taking place on 19th November.

The second workshop is brand new to Fusion, and one we know will be very popular. ‘Communication for Software teams’ is a 16 hour workshop split across four days. Communication within teams is so crucial right now, as many of us will be working from home possibly until early next year. This is a hands-on workshop for software developers, managers, and stakeholders, aimed at helping you to use your time and technology to communicate more effectively. You will learn how to write better stories, bug reports and documentation; how to hold better meetings; how to make decisions more effectively; and how to use communication to deliver great user experiences.

Just before the launch of the new website I posted a blog about the importance of continued learning which you can find here.

Continued learning benefits all parties involved. The employee feels valued and is presented with opportunities to grow and develop. With investment from their employer they are loyal and committed to the success of the company. The employer is strengthening knowledge and skills within the organisation, and actively working on building and retaining happy, productive teams as well as rewarding employees for hard work and commitment. I won’t bang on too much about it, but if you’re interested check out the blog post 🙂

So, where do you get tickets and how much are they?

To celebrate the launch of our snazzy rebrand and new website, Dylan has given us a bunch of super early bird and early bird tickets for each of the workshops mentioned above. See below for more details and links to the booking page.

Communication for Software teams – November 24th-27th

Limited number of super early birds are now available

Click here for more information

Introduction to Distributed Systems in .NET Core – November 19th

Only early bird tickets available for a limited time

Click here for more information