Fusion Meetup

Thu 10th June, 2021


We're back for another online instalment of Fusion Meetup! We know many of you are desperate to get back to in person events, but at this moment in time sticking with the online format feels like the safest thing to do for our team, speakers and attendees. We are working behind the scenes to see if we can bring you a small (socially distanced) event for our September meetup, look out for future updates on that!


SRE ( Site Reliability Engineering ) Tutorial For beginners

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Tammy Bryant Butow

Principle SRE (Site Reliability Engineer) at Gremlin

Code literacy

As programmers think about our own work with code, we place an incredible emphasis on the act of production. We focus on the act of writing code as if writing and often present it as the primary way we expect to interact with a codebase. This talk will approach codebases as living texts and explore the value of re-examining the twin skills of reading and understanding codebases. We’ll look at linguistics and literacy concepts that give us new ways to conceptualize how we read code, as well as software specific tools and approaches we can use to further our reading skills.

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Jessica Rose

Head of Developer Relations CodeSee

The last mile in developer education

Sarah Mount

The UK’s contribution to space and the Open Source Satellite

What do the UK have to do with Space? More than you might realise…. We just don’t like to talk about it! The UK was actually instrumental in making significant changes to the worldwide space industry. I’m presenting a programme that hopes to design and build a next generation microsatellite… The design being made open source…. Including software!

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Paul Madle

Senior Software Engineer at KISPE and OpenSource Satellite


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