Fusion Meetup

Thu 29th September, 2022

Studio Venues, 7 Cannon Street

Birmingham, B2 5EP

All Greek Street Food

We are bringing you the well-known Fusion vibes at Studio venues, as well as having the option to watch from the comfort of your own home.

For in person tickets, the event will start at 6pm, for online tickets the stream will start at 7pm.

Due to sponsor requirements, we aren't accepting ticket requests from recruiters/sales people.


We're all living on it. But what exactly is The Edge?

It’s 2022 and we’re all on the edge of our serverless seats. But what is The Edge? What are Edge Functions? And what impact does this new technology have on the Jamstack, the web, and ultimately — people and our planet?

Profile photo for Salma Alam-Naylor

Salma Alam-Naylor

Staff Developer Experience Engineer at Netlify

Microsoft MVP for developer technologies, a partnered live streamer on Twitch, and a qualified teacher.

Oakbrook's Cross-functional Platform Team

Going through the purpose, vision and strategy for Oakbrook's new(ish) cross-functional platform team. How we've learned to balance risk and prioritise keeping our system reliable while accelerating the delivery of product teams.

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Connell Watkins

Principle Engineer - Oakbrook

Protector of the Realm

Modern applications all have one thing in common: They need secure data access to provide users.

Purists will turn to some native Cloud infrastructure, spend days reading about how to spin up a server and add all the extras required to run an app. Another technique is to use ready-made DB as a service tool with out-of-the-box integration for data access.

Both approaches are very valid, but we often make sacrifices and let go of specific features with each choice. What if we want to add hosting, how do we automate webhooks, can we migrate to a different infrastructure at a moment's notice?

We must go far away to an entirely different Realm to achieve this. This is where we discuss the Mongo Atlas services with the Realm-Web SDK. Think of a ready-made suite with all you need. Authentication, GraphQL, Cloud Functions, and many more are just among the features we will be demonstrating live.

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Sani Yusuf

Founder of Haibrid Ltd


Fusion is made possible with the help of our awesome sponsors!

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Goldman Sachs


Since the move to Birmingham last year, Goldman Sachs have worked hard to study the Birmingham Tech community and have identified some key groups to associate their brand with.

We have had some great talks so far from the GS team and we're delighted to have them with us at every event. They are a lovely bunch, so feel free to grab them for a chat on the 29th!

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The Vonage team have been long standing supporters of Fusion Meetup. We have established a great relationship with the team, and look forward to working with them year on year.

They have a super exciting 12 months ahead of them, and we can't wait to hear all about it! Vonage have made a huge impact on the growth of Fusion, and their passion for community growth and collaboration mirrors Fusions core values.


We're delighted to announce that All Greek street food are bringing the flavour on Thursday! Expect the tastiest gyros in town!