Fusion Meetup

Thu 8th December, 2022

Studio Venues, 7 Cannon Street

Birmingham, B2 5EP


It's the last Fusion of the year and we're mixing things up a bit! We'll be bringing all the usual Fusion goodness but this time with lightening talks!

For in person tickets, the event will start at 6pm, for online tickets the stream will start at 7pm. We will have a short break in between talks and will hold Q&A after the main talks only. There will be a chance to talk with the other speakers during the interval and after the event.


Friends don’t let friends use approval rules

Almost all teams have a PR approval process: the gold standard, the way science does it. But there’s a catch, the process feels horrible. You’re left twiddling your thumbs and waiting for judgement hour to come. Only then to repeat once again, or maybe even twice.

Worse yet, science says it doesn’t really help for tech at all. What if there was another way? Where you can ship to prod every hour, leave work with a spring in your step, and both love and trust your team’s work.

I’d like to tell a story, starting with the hashtag trunk based dev brigade, moving through team drama, to throwing out the rule book. Taking only the bits that suit your team with a sprinkling of new tech to get the job done.

Profile photo for Luke Browne

Luke Browne

Lead Software Engineer at Wealth Wizards

Organiser of Brum.js and TechMids

You Shall Not Password: Modern Authentication for Web Apps

In the good old days, your users would log into a web app with a username and password. But now people expect an alphabet soup of SSO, 2FA, OAuth, OIDC, SAML, FIDO2, OTP... What do they all mean - and why do they matter? Why is central authentication useful? What does two-factor authentication really protect us from, and what's still wide open?

Learn how to keep your users safe as we discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of modern authentication mechanisms for the Web.

This talk is aimed at anyone passingly familiar with web development, with an interest in security, or who simply wants to know what’s really going on when you ‘sign in with Google’.

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Eli Holderness


Developer Advocate

I love making cool and / or weird things, talking about them, and hearing other people talking about the cool and / or weird things they’re making. In particular, I’m passionate about making the tech industry accessible and inclusive, and my favourite thing about tech is that it connects me to other people.

Autotools was actually (kinda) right

Lightning Talk

Turning source code into runnable programs is still tricky, even after years of build systems and new tools - we'll dive into what makes it so difficult, and talk about some of the best work out there to deal with the complexity.

Profile photo for Justin Chadwell

Justin Chadwell


Maintainer of open source software at Docker

Rewriting our approach to rewriting software

Lightning Talk

Rewriting entire systems is a lot of work, wouldn't it be better if we could avoid this in the first place? This talk will provide some pointers on how.

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Ben Paddock


Senior Engineer at The Economist

Building 2FA

Lightning Talk
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Julia Biro


Head of Developer Relations at Infobip & Half of @DevRelAvocados


Fusion is made possible with the help of our awesome sponsors!

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Goldman Sachs


Since the move to Birmingham last year, Goldman Sachs have worked hard to study the Birmingham Tech community and have identified some key groups to associate their brand with.

We have had some great talks so far from the GS team and we're delighted to have them with us at every event. They are a lovely bunch, so feel free to grab them for a chat on the 29th!

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The Vonage team have been long standing supporters of Fusion Meetup. We have established a great relationship with the team, and look forward to working with them year on year.

They have a super exciting 12 months ahead of them, and we can't wait to hear all about it! Vonage have made a huge impact on the growth of Fusion, and their passion for community growth and collaboration mirrors Fusions core values.


Shout out to Rudy's pizza for stepping in last minute to serve the flavour at Fusion with their delicious pizzas!

Sadly we couldn't make things work for Pietanic at the venue, but no doubt they'll back at Fusion next year.