Fusion Meetup

Thu 23rd March, 2023

Studio Venues, 7 Cannon Street

Birmingham, B2 5EP


We're back for the first Fusion Meetup of the year! 🎉

For in person tickets, the event will start at 6pm, for online tickets the stream will start at 7pm. We will have a short break in between talks and will hold Q&A after the main talks only. There will be a chance to talk with the other speakers during the interval and after the event.


Secure Developer access to production workload

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Rob Barnes

Tech Hacker/Senior Developer Advocate at Hashicorp
@DevOpsRob / @Keepinitsecure Podcast

Who let the cat out of the bag?

A cautionary tale on the dangers of having bad actors in your supply chain and ways of minimising their impact.

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Ryan Lee

Senior Software Engineer at Bluetel and Coderbar Birmingham Organiser

Developing Microservices for a Job Search Engine at DWP

How DWP set about developing a new set of microservices using NextJs, Spring, Lucene and MongoDB to build a job search engine for claimants on Universal Credit, and what they found works well when building a continuous deployment pipeline.

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Tom Chamberlain

Software Developer, Department for Work and Pensions

Another ChatGPT Talk

ChatGPT has taken the tech world by storm, but what techniques were needed to get us here? Vanessa (CompSci BSc and Developer @ Majestic) walks us through the process of training AI using her wit and unorthodox illustrations

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Vanessa Kostadinova


Vanessa is a recent Aston University Computer Science graduate who works as a developer for Majestic. She has a keen interest in Machine Learning, avoiding CSS, and using matrices where she really shouldn’t


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DWP Digital


DWP Digital are driving forward the digital transformation for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). As part of the UK’s biggest public service department, we are responsible for making a positive difference to the lives of 20 million. Whether our users need to claim benefit, get help finding a job, or understand their State Pension, we’re the team designing, developing, and delivering the world-class digital services they need.


Brrrrrrringing the flavour by the bucket load, we'll be joined by our pals at Habaneros!!

Expect jam packed burritos filled with a main of your choice and all the toppings