Fusion Meetup

Thu 13th July, 2023

The Exchange, Birmingham

We've finally got the summer Fusion date booked in and this time we're mixing things up a little bit! Fusion will be held at The Exchange (Old Municipal Bank) opposite the library.

We're so excited to be working closely with The University of Birmingham, and having had some wonderful and super insightful meetings with the team at The Exchange we are really excited about trying out this venue.

Fusion will be held on the top floor in the Assembly room and we'll have a great break out space next to that for food and drinks. There will also be an opportunity to look around the building and view the old bank vaults in the basement.


How we prepare for huge spikes in traffic as millions of our customers get paid early

In this talk Joe will explain the problems that occur when hundreds of thousands of customers all request to be paid millions of pounds at almost exactly the same time, and what they do to keep things running smoothly while that happens.

Profile photo for Joe Rowe

Joe Rowe

Production Engineer at Monzo

Marketing for software start-ups

This session will outline a framework for marketing a software start-up. From identifying your “why” (not what you do, but why people should care), to piquing the interest of your potential buyers, to making your customers love you so much they tell all their friends (hi Monzo!). The session will include lots of practical tips for non-marketers that will help you successfully sell your product or service.

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Jayne Scarman


Head of Marketing at Nursebuddy / Inbound marketing for organisations with purpose

Jayne Scarman has 20ish years’ experience marketing purposeful organisations. Her superpower is turning complex information into easy-to-understand, relatable content. Most recently, she has focused on healthtech start-ups, helping them to reach a niche audience and articulate why they are the best software for the job. Jayne currently lives in rural Worcestershire, where she enjoys embroidery, gardening and going on lovely long walks.

Teaching Computers To Ducking Listen

Unless you have a Hollywood-perfect North American accent, you've probably had a frustrating showdown with your voice assistant. This frustrating occourancy can often be linked to the limited datasets many Speech technologies use. As the popularity of AI and the use of Speech technologies grow together, the limitations of speech technologies create real and serious access limitations. Enter the Common Voice project, a free, CC0 licensed dataset focused on enabling anyone to build with world class voice datasets that intentionally support marginalised languages and diverse accents. We'll look at some of the hows and whys of using diverse datasets for voice, before covering some of my favourite resources for learning to dip your toes into working with Speech AI.

Profile photo for Jess Rose

Jess Rose

Technology Community Manager @ Mozilla

Jessica Rose is a linguistics dork working with the Mozilla Foundation as a Technology Community Manager for the Common Voice project. She also founded and teaches large scale free programming bootcamps. She's always excited to talk about human languages, computers or to see photos of your pets. She has a lot of opinions about ISO639. She is not fun at parties.

The future is here, and it started 5000 years ago

Technology has moved leaps and bounds in the last 100 years, and even more so in the last 20 years. This quick talk is about how far we have come, how amazing technology is, and what can be done by gluing X & Y together super simply. But how it is all set by fundamental principles that haven't changed in millennia?

Profile photo for Mike Elsmore

Mike Elsmore

Senior Developer Advocate @ Infobip

Mike has been causing chaos on the internet for more than a decade, he's been around to see a lot happen (and sometimes help it along). He loves building and learning in the open and sharing what he gains along the way via streams and other means.


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DWP Digital are driving forward the digital transformation for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). As part of the UK’s biggest public service department, we are responsible for making a positive difference to the lives of 20 million. Whether our users need to claim benefit, get help finding a job, or understand their State Pension, we’re the team designing, developing, and delivering the world-class digital services they need.