Fusion Meetup

Thu 14th September, 2023

Studio Venues, 7 Cannon Street

Birmingham, B2 5EP

All-Greek Street food

Fusion Meetup @ Studio Venue

We're back for another exciting Fusion Meetup on Thursday, September 14th at 6:00 PM. The event will take place at The Studio Venues on Cannon Street in Birmingham.

We are currently finalising the line up but we can guarantee you'll be in for a treat! Updates to follow shortly!


Nu-school CSS and JavaScript animation shizzle, Part 17

You think you've seen everything, but the web platform continues to beguile and amaze us with cool new features for creating animations more effectively. In this talk, Chris Mills walks through view transitions, scroll-driven animations, popovers, and some more fun things besides. It won't be as good as the other 15 sequels, but it'll be better than Fast & Furious 10.

Profile photo for Chris Mills

Chris Mills

Founder @ Mills Docs LTD

AI in the real world

In this talk, Angie will showcase some of the work that demonstrates exciting AI applications deployed in the real world, as well as the challenges and opportunities of implementing this powerful technology in practical settings.

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Angie Ma

Co-Founder at Faculty

The future of big data platforms

As a B2B Fintech AI company in the order-to-cash market, Sidetrade manages over 700m payment experiences networked across more than 38m buyers and 4000 sellers. We discuss market inspiration from VC firms such as Andreessen Horowitz, research firm Gartner & incredible tech companies such as Gitlab to build a game changing & market winning big data platform in 2023.

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Luke Hennerley

Principle Engineer @ Sidetrade

Currently innovating with data at Sidetrade as a principal engineer as well as the creator of a local, annual, free four week bootcamp fulfilling my personal passion of getting people into tech.

Creating 'Happy' at work

Company culture and employee happiness is something that can sometimes be overlooked due to the day to day pressures of a business operating and performing, but did you know that Companies with happy employees outperform their competition by 20% per year?

Through Hannah’s extensive experience of hiring within the software sector & building tech communities, she’ll provide you with a handy guide on how you can start the path to happiness at work with practical tips that will have immediate impact, and support with retaining happy, productive teams.

Profile photo for Hannah Mitchell

Hannah Mitchell

Director @ The Fusion Group


Fusion is made possible with the help of our awesome sponsors!

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Infobip is a global leader in omnichannel engagement. We help our clients and partners overcome the complexity of consumer communications & grow their businesses.

Huge shout out, and A LOT of love goes to our amazing 2023 Headline Sponsors, Infobip. We watching Mike Elsmore play around with the WhatsApp Chatbot at the last Fusion event. He'll be back with us for Fusion on September 14th, so feel free to grab him for a chat to find out more about the cool stuff Infobip are getting up to.


Joining us for another year, we have All-Greek Street food. If you came to Fusion last September, you will know how good their food was! Can't wait to get our hands on one of their famous gyros!

(Please state dietary requirements upon booking)