Fusion Meetup

Thu 23rd November, 2023

Studio Venues, 7 Cannon Street

Birmingham, B2 5EP


Its time for the final Fusion of 2023 and what a year its been!

Huge thanks to our headline sponsors for this year, Infobip. What a brilliant team! We've loved every minute of working with them, and hopefully they'll be joining the Fusion fun in 2024! 😉

The next Fusion event will be held at Studio Venues, Cannon Street, Birmingham on Thursday November 23rd at 6pm.


Dealing with imposter syndrome, perfectionism & procrastination

This talk is a survival guide on how to cope when we feel intimidated by those around us and/or online who seem to have it all figured out. Imposter syndrome is a buzzword that is commonly misunderstood, we'll be delving into the 6 different ways it shows up, how it affects us, and building a toolkit to help us recognise and celebrate our wins.

Profile photo for Amber Shand

Amber Shand

Software Engineer @ Skyscanner


Behind the curtains at "one of the most hostile networks in the world"

There’s a very good reason that the organisers of the Black Hat security conferences don’t use their host venues’ own infrastructure. In fact there are many: ethical hackers learning and testing their skills, not-so-ethical hackers looking for targets, and a lot of legal implications too. In this talk I’ll take you behind the scenes at the network and security operations centres for the conferences worldwide, to share more details, stories and plain-text credentials.

Profile photo for James Holland

James Holland


Developer Relations and Technology Innovation @ Palo Alto Networks


12 months as a Staff Software Engineer

We've all seen the job title but what does a Staff Software Engineer do? In this talk I will reflect on how I became a Staff Software Engineer and the first 12 months in the role. I'll cover my own growth in the role as well as the organization's growth of the role around me.

Profile photo for Andrew Fitzpatrick

Andrew Fitzpatrick

Staff Software Engineer @Travelperk



Fusion is made possible with the help of our awesome sponsors!

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Infobip is a global leader in omnichannel engagement. We help our clients and partners overcome the complexity of consumer communications & grow their businesses.

Joining us on the 23rd we will have our awesome 2023 Headline sponsors, Infobip. They have been an incredible support this year and we have loved working with them. The team have achieved so many awesome things, we can't wait to see what next year holds for them!


This month we want to put a some of our tech community friends in the spot light at Fusion and invite them to tell us all about their groups and what their mission is, and how they are working towards achieving it.

Annoucements to be made on this shortly!